Organisational Structure
Pune City Bharat Scouts and Guides Local Association
Organisational Structure

Pune City Bharat Scouts and Guides Local Association

Area of Operation : Pune Municipal Corporation Area.
Address : Pantasachiv Scout Headquarters
Near Bhikardas Maruti,  Opp. Udyan Prasad Karyalaya
Sadashiv Peth, Pune 411 030
Phone : 24474228
E-mail :

The association is divided in four (respective three) sections according to age.
Bunny :
Boys in age group 3 to 6.
Girls in age group 3 to 6.
Cub :
Boys in age group 6 to 10.
Bulbul :
Girls in age group 6 to 10.
Scout :
Boys in age group 10 to 17.
Guide :
Girls in age group 10 to 17.
Rovers :
Boys age 17 to 25.
Rangers :
Girls age 17 to 25.
System :
Scout movement follows patrol system For Bunny Tamtola/Cub/
Bulbul a patrol consists of 6 Boys/Girls For Scouts/Guides a
patrol consists of 8 Boys/Girls. For each patrol there is a ‘Patrol
leader’ and one of them as assistant.
Section :
One unit consists of 3 to 4 patrols. For a unit there is one adult leader and there may be assistant leader.
Group :
Ideally a group consists of a Bunny Tambola, Cub Pack, Scout troop, Rovers Crew OR Bunny Tamtotal, Bulbul Flock, Guide Company, Rangers Team.
For a group there will be a group leader.

To Start a Unit :

  1. Unit Leader should be a trained one. The training courses are organised by State Scout Guide Association at different training centres. For details - contact Local Association Office.
  2. The unit will be registered alongwith names of each member in the unit with Pune City Bharat Scout and Guide Local Association under a trained leader and by paying prescribed Individual Registration Fee.

Then the Local Association registers the unit with State Association.

Working of Unit :
Normal method of working is as given below.

Scout/Guide Training :
Generally unit leader trains patrol leaders and their assistants. These patrol leaders and assistants are suposed to train Scouts and Guides belonging to their respective patrols under supervision of unit leaders.

Programmes :
Each patrol will plan for their own programmes. These are discussed in the patrol meeting and with the approval from unit leader they themselves will carry out the programme. Some programmes are planned for the troop. These are planned in the meeting of patrol leaders and unit leaders called as Court of Honour. These programmes are carried out with the help of unit leader.

Remember - Scout movement is For the Boys of the Boys by the Boys.

Working of Local Association :
Day to Day Work :
Working Hours - 11-15 a.m. to 8-00 p.m.
Day to day administration is supervised by a secretary and joint secretary.
Both of these posts are Honourary

Scout Activities :
These are planned in the meeting of A.D.C.’s and then they are finalised in the Executive Committee. Any policy decision, is taken by the Executive Committee. To deal with Financial matters there is a Finance Committee. In a year 3 to 4 common programs for all Scout/Guide,Cub/Bulbul units of Pune City are being arranged.

They are :

  1. Guru Pournima - at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Some competitions based on Scout Craft.
  3. Scout Guide Service Festival and Khari Kamai
  4. First-Aid Competition for Scouts and Guides.
  5. Scout Master / Guide Captain Refresher Courses.
  6. 22nd Feb. - Thinking day.
  7. Training course for patrol leaders.
  8. Proficiences Badge Training.
  • Through a Scout Movement - Citizenship training is imparted.
  • We trust in Value Education
  • Scouting is a game through which we learn values and citizenship.
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